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Dussehra(MahaNavami) Festival Special Story

Dussehra Festival Special Story

Mahisha mastika nruthi Vinodini Sputharanasmani Nuupura Mekhalaa Janarakshana moksha vidhayini Jayathi sumbha nisumbha nishudhini.

The ninth day of Devi Navarathri with Aswayuja Sudha Navami thidhi is called as Maharnavami.
After the 8 days of the war, Amma killed Mahishasura on Navami that enlightened the world.

Among all the avatars, The form that killed the bad was fierce.

She has emerged in the form of light from the Chidyaga Kundam that was formed by all the gods. By wearing their weapons and ornaments came out to kill Mahishasura who treats women badly.

With Simha Vahanam, aggression, octa arms carrying pasam, ankusham, trishulam etc came with god. If this great power is worshipped can defeat enemies.

In all the incarnations, the Aadi Parashakthi killed the evil monsters on Ashwajuja Sudha Navami.

That’s why it’s special since there are 24 navami’s in a year, this Ashwayuja Navami is celebrated as Maharnavami.

The another specialty of that day is worshipping the weapon. People of all professions worship their own weapons.

We have a great culture of worshipping the things that are used to accomplish anything.

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