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Aamir Khan Mahabharata Dreams

Aamir Khan interested in Mahabharata

In recent times everyone  are every much talking about Mahabharata. Mahabharata which is up as a serial in dhurdharshan has created interest in many directors to direct the film. Butm unfortunately the movie didn’t move on to the tracks in any of the language. Later the serial of Mahabharata in star channel got huge ratings and has telicasted in many channel as dubbes series.Then once again directors though about directing the film of Mahabharata. there are few movies vere only few characters of Mahabharata are seen. But, till date there is no movie with complete Mahabharata. Furthermore, it is very difficult to show complete Mahabharata in a span of 3hours. Hence, as rajamouli’s Bahubhali it can shown in parts.

There are alos news saying Rajamouli nex film will be o Mahabharata. Even in many interviews, Rajamouli spoke sying about his dream project as Mahabharata. But, i a recent interview, he made it clear about him not working on Mahabharata. Now, a novel written by malayalam writer Vasudevan Nayar is suporting as a for the film in which beema is the main lead. Ad film director V. R Menon is to direct the film. This Malayam film is up with 1000crores of budget.

Mahabharata Dream Project

Indian millionaire B.R Shetty who stays in Dubai is to produce the film. Super star Mohan Lal will be playing the role of Beema in the movie. The movie starts on with its’s shoot in the next year and willbe on screens by 2020. On the other hand, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is feeling bad about Rajamouli not directing the film Mahabharata. As Aamir khan has decided on to play the role of Karna or Arjun aif Rajamouli directs Mahabharata, the news of Rajamouli not directing the film has disappointed him.

In a recent interview, Aamir khan reveals about his interest of acting in a film of Mahabharata. He says he very much likes the character of Karna and personally dreams of acting in the role. But, as his body doesn’t fits the role, he rather prefers acting as Krishna. He furthermore says, if he has to direct the film it takes 15 to 20years to direct the film with his knowledge. Now, it is to see if someone offers him the role or we have to wait for 15years more to see Aamir acting in the role.

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