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It Is My Challenge To You Guys – Vijay Devarakonda

What an actor… What an attitude… What a respect… What a man… He respects elders, he engages the audience, he loves acting… the audience loves his attitude and his style… He is so good, he auctioned his award for the charity… This all appreciation, compliments, and comments by the audiences of Telugu cinema, not only Telugu, other states’ people also. Yes, we are talking about Vijay Devarakonda.

Vijay again challenges

Yesterday, Geetha Govindam songs have released and are getting a good response. In the audio launch function, Vijay again challenges, but this time the challenge to the audiences. Recently, he sang a song for his Geetha Govindam film and it got a good response but it faced some problems also in the matter of lyrics. So, it is re-released with new lyrics and again sing by Vijay.

geetha govindam audio launch

Although, Vijay faced some comments like voice is very bad and not suitable… So, from the stage, he challenges audiences and said that “You commented about my singing and my voice… Then, send me your voices using the same song. Who sings very well, we will give the chance for them to sing in the movie. It’s my open challenge.” Now it is a mind-blowing thing and somewhat opportunity also for upcoming singers. So, go singers and catch the opportunity to rock it in your style.

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