Eesha Rebba’s New Record…

Eesha Rebba New Record
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Actually, as per the present situations, the surviving of Telugu girls as the heroines are a very difficult thing in Telugu film industry. So many people say about this matter at different times from the different mediums. Now, this talkings are fortunately wrong in the case of Eesha Rebba. Yes, Eesha Rebba now busy with Telugu movies. She made her debut with ‘Anthakamundu Aa Tharuvatha’ movie in 2013 and last year she acted in Ami Thumi and Darsakudu movies. This year she acted in ‘Awe!’ also and ready to appear in upcoming release ‘Brand Babu’ movie. And she got chance in Jr. Ntr, Trivikram’s “Aravinda Sametha” movie as the second heroine.

Two other projects also on the line, one is Naga Showrya’s upcoming movie and another one is some young hero’s movie. So, after so many years Telugu girl appears in more films. Some years back, Sri Divya has also gotten few chances after she has gone to Tamil film industry and now she is a notable heroine in Tamil. Anjali also performed well in earlier days but now she does not appear in Telugu films. The heroines also learn the Telugu language who comes from other states. In the wake of this situations, Eesha gets good opportunities and it is very happy news to future actresses.


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