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HomelatestYSRCP MP Regrets His Behavior Against RS Speaker

YSRCP MP Regrets His Behavior Against RS Speaker

The number two of YSRCP, Vijay Sai Reddy crossed some limits the other day in the Rajya Sabha. This MP, however, regrets and expresses his explanation to the press today.Going into the details, the YSRCP Spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy dwelled into the well yesterday when the Rajya Sabha is organizing a small debate on AP Reorganisation Act. As the given time has completed, the Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu cut his mike and asked him to sit down. Irked Reddy went near the Speaker Podium and made some comments which are not audible to the mikes in the house. Even though the audio is not available, one can predict that the Vice-President was hurt with Reddy’s comments.

Later the same has been confirmed by the Minister of Parliament Affairs Vijay Goel.Today, Vijay Sai Reddy expressed his regret to the Chair and Speaker thereby claiming that he went emotional as the debate is for his State of AP. As the other leaders of the house are condemning this Act of Reddy, Speaker Naidu consoled all by stating that the matter is indeed over. Later the Chair said that even he was not feeling good to stop the speech of Vijay regarding the State of AP but he had to do his duty being the Speaker of the house. However, Naidu suggested Reddy that one should convey thy point just like the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the other day.

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