Sunday, October 17, 2021
HomelatestIs T-Congress deteriorating day by day?

Is T-Congress deteriorating day by day?

On one side the Congress Working Committee is trying its hard to revive the party in AP, on the flip side the TPCC is facing some internal wars resulting in party’s snail pace destruction. Updated information from the party’s closed sources explains everything.Telangana Congress camp is facing unwanted troubles from its senior leaders. Already the party is unable to digest the fact that no one from TPCC got a place in Party’s main teams like CWC. these frustrated senior leaders decided to leave the party for their political future. Just a couple of days before, former Deputy Chief Minister of United AP, Damodar Raja Narasimha indirectly hinted that he is leaving the party. Other leaders like Mukesh Goud and his precedent Vikram Goud are also speculated to be shifting their loyalties.

To stop such leaders, the High Command has sent the conveyor Bosu Raju and held talks with them.The heads of AICC after a deep inquiry for this internal wars came to know that the leaders of the districts like Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar are trying to have more posts than Hyderabad and Medak regarding the Parliament tickets. Also, they get a fear of possible alliance with T-TDP. Some of the leaders from Hyderabad and around districts feel that the T-TDP leaders would take away their MP tickets if they form an alliance. All in all, some leaders like Danam has already left the party to pursue Political future with a guaranteed ticket. Seems the main Opposition of Telangana is cracking up slowly.

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