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WhatsApp Crosses 2 Billion Users Milestone, Insists Encryption

The Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp stated on Wednesday that Whatsapp has two billion users everywhere the world as it reaffirmed its commitment towards robust encryption to guard privacy.

WhatsApp, obtained by Facebook in 2014, has expanded into one of the most extensively used applications in the Facebook group of apps, allowing free chatting along with voice and video calls.

Private discussions that earlier were only possible face-to-face can now take place over great distances by instant chats and video calling a WhatsApp blog post stated.

There are so many notable and unique times that take place over WhatsApp and we are humbled and venerated to attain this milestone.

The statement stated WhatsApp remained dedicated to its robust encryption that allows users to unite privately even amid calls by law enforcement in the United States and subsequently to contribute more access.

Strong encryption is a requirement in modern life. We will not agree on security because that would make people less secure WhatsApp stated.

For even more protection, we operate with top maintenance experts, use industry-leading technology to limit misuse as well as utensil controls and ways to report issues without privacy.

Last week, child protection systems called on Facebook to halt plans for strong encryption of all its platforms, saying that it would allow predators to operate freely.

WhatsApp uses “end to end encryption” which can in many instances limit law enforcement from obtaining user data even with a court order.

The social network is operating to increase end-to-end encryption over its messaging applications, including Facebook and Instagram.

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