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People fondly gossiping on those “11 Beautiful Minutes”

People fondly gossiping on those “11 Beautiful Minutes”

It may have been a human error, but many people enjoyed seeing @realdonaldtrump’s account inadvertently getting deactivated.It was a mistake on the part of a Twitter Inc. employee on Thursday, the company said in a tweet. The President’s account showed deactivated for 11 minutes before it was restored, the social media Co. said.The company also came forward to add that they are investigating the case at the same time are taking steps to prevent such things from happening again.

trump twitter account blocked for 11 minutesWhen asked for more specific reasons to this error the representative of Twitter declined to comment. The White House did not react immediately to a request for comment about the incident.Twitter played a medium to attack Trump’s opponents and promote his policies during the 2016 presidential campaign.  41.7 million People follow him on Twitter.

In a similar fashion last November, Twitter Chief Executive officer, Jack Dorsey’s account too got suspended. But they claimed it as an internal mistake.

People, though are having a hearty laugh, many users made jokes about the US President being barred from the Twitter platform for his mob- provoking tweets. Interestingly Twitter users called it as 11 beautiful minutes of peace, some took it as Trump’s resignation, and another user went to the extent of saying, hope someone makes a movie someday about that minute the whole world was happy, indirectly thanking the human error.

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