When Nara Brahmani became Lady Rajinikanth!


When Nara Brahmani became Lady Rajinikanth!

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Media representatives and journalists are known for their cheap and irrational questions during prestigious events. And it is quite common for the celebrities or the famous personalities to get dragged into a controversy by answering such questions. Nara Brahmani faced a similar happening while she was coming out to the conclusion of the GES – 2017 in Hyderabad.

A journalist asked Nara Brahmani, ‘Are you feeling jealous because an event like the GES – 2017 is being conducted in Hyderabad (and not in Amaravati, AP)?’.

Without losing her cool, Nara Brahmani’sreply not only put the journalist in his place but also stunned everyone around her.

‘It is really not important where the event is taking place. The only things that matters are whether did we learn something after attending the summit and are we inspired to take up new challenges in life or not. For your kind information, an international event like National Women’s Parliament was organized in Amaravati last year. Even this event is along the same lines. Fortunately, we can’t think like you people do,’ said Nara Brahmani.

It looks like even before entering politics, Nara Brahmani has learned the knack in answering such kind of irrational questions which are aimed at creating a controversy.

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