Will Pawan repeat the success of Sr. NTR?


Will Pawan repeat the success of Sr. NTR?

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It was during early 1980’s the political journey of the legendary actor-cum-politician NTR began. NTR agreed to act in a film titled ‘Desam’ in 1982. The film is a remake of Bollywood film ‘Lavaaris (1981)’. Amitabh Bachchan played the lead role in the Hindi film. A Telugu producer purchased the remake rights after he felt the film’s story would be apt for Sr. NTR. Though the Hindi film was not a big hit at the box office, ‘Desam’ which released on 27th October 1982 went on to become a big hit.

Coming to the present times, even Pawan Kalyan is on the same lines. The mega-hero has prepared his ground for full-fledged politics. It is confirmed that Pawan’s next film would be a remake of super-hit Tamil hit film ‘Vedalam’. Ajith Kumar played the lead role in the film. The story of ‘Desam’ and ‘Vedalam’ are on the same lines.will pawan repeated the success of sr. ntr

Interestingly, many facts are coinciding with these remakes. Just like NTR finished the movie’s shooting in 19 days, even Pawan is aiming to quickly wrap the shooting in one schedule or utmost 2 schedules. Pawan is likely to meet many political leaders during the shooting span just like NTR who met political leaders during ‘Desam’ shooting.

‘Desam’ created the perfect launch for NTR into politics, and the film’s climax has helped him a lot in his political speeches and party rallies. One has to wait and see how likely Pawan’s film will help in his political career!

Some More Interesting News Updates:

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