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Where is Sampu?

Where is Sampoornesh Babu After Leaving NTR Big Boss Show

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Where is Sampoornesh Babu After Leaving NTR Big Boss Show: The ‘Big Boss’ show craze got increased with the entry of Sampoornesh Babu beyond all the 14 members. The audience mostly supports Sampoornesh Babu of all the members in the house. But as all knew that he went off from the show as he can’t live within four walls and even attempted suicide. So without any other thought, they eliminated Sampoornesh Babu. Sampu on his wish went off from the show. So he won’t get the remuneration and in reverse, he should pay the high amount back.

Previously, 2 participants went in between the Hindi ‘Big Boss’, so they paid 50 lakhs penalty. So even Sampu should pay the penalty in high amount. It is being a week since Sampoornesh Babu came out of the house. But no one knows where he is. Some are telling that presently Sampoornesh Babu is in his village and some are telling that he is still in Pune near the ‘Big Boss’ organizers. There is a chance that Sampoornesh Babu details can be revealed may be today or tomorrow in NTR episode.

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