Tuesday, August 9, 2022
HomelatestSophia: New Human Android

Sophia: New Human Android

IBM Technology based Robot Sophia

IBM Technology based Robot Sophia: A new Robot name Sophia came to amuse the world with her intelligence. Dr. David Hanson the engineers and designers who made Sophia. Till now, this is the hi-tech android. Hanson said the robot was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and his wife, whose name is Sophia. Sophia is designed to do many human industrial services such as healthcare, education, therapy and customer service.

Sophia’s skin is very close to real humans which is made of patented silicon. She can give 62 facial expressions and has cameras in eyes with a fusion of computer algorithm. So, she can see, follow the direction of faces, can maintain eye contact and identify people. This robot Sophia can recognize voices, speak, discuss and can behave smartly. Hanson is going to collaborating with Intel and IBM to incorporate more technology for Sophia.

She said ‘Talking to people is my primary function’

Just have a look at this amazing Robot Sophia…

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