Thursday, January 20, 2022
HomelatestWhy KCR Involve In AP Politics

Why KCR Involve In AP Politics

CM KCR Talks AP Politics in Delhi

CM KCR Talks AP Politics in Delhi: In next elections, CM KCR doesn’t have clarity of how many seats will get in Telangana. But he is predicting who will win in AP. Even in the previous elections, he declared that Jagan will win but got shocked. He is giving chances to suspect him by again repeating the same.

It is a known argument that Jagan and CM KCR became one and targets CM Chandrababu. That’s why CM KCR is supporting Jagan. Now, this argument became truth after watching the CM KCR press meet in Delhi.

It is valuable that if he talks, about Telugu states in Hyderabad. But there is a big strategy that talking in Delhi that TDP is in the worst condition. The TDP leaders are firing that CM KCR did a survey to show off in front of Modi.

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