Saturday, October 23, 2021
HomelatestVenkaiah Naidu Politics Issues

Venkaiah Naidu Politics Issues

Modi Target Venkaiah Naidu in Vice President Post

Modi Target Venkaiah Naidu in Vice President Post: Now Venkaiah Naidu condition is exactly like, his mentor Advani. Venkaiah couldn’t able to do anything when Modi ignored Advani. Now with unhesitating, he is looking after the Modi ignorance. Even though he unwillingly accepted the Vice President post by feeling it as a promotion.

It is true that Amit Shah is strategically ignored Venkaiah in favor of politics in the AP. But it is true that Venkaiah is also expressing his concern. Modi devotees are doubting that in this dissatisfaction will Venkaiah work properly as a Rajya Sabha Chairman…?

But Modi, Sha strategy is that surely Venkaiah will work because he’s a party loyal human but not person loyal. With this Venkaiah mind blocked. Now, who will listen to Venkaiah grief…?

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