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Who is behind ‘Kodaka Katthi Maheshu…’?

Who is behind ‘Kodaka Katthi Maheshu…’?

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After a YouTube user claiming himself to be Pawan Kalyan’s fan posted a video in response to Katthi Mahesh’s attack on Pawan Kalyan. The song is an edited version of the ‘Kodaka Koteswara Rao’ song sung by Pawan Kalyan in his upcoming movie ‘Agnyaathavaasi’.

In the edited video, the fan goes on to humiliate, and bash Katthi Mahesh in all possible ways, by replacing the original lyrics with his own lyrics. A part of the song, which had humiliating lyrics, was directed towards Katthi Mahesh. The video became viral within a short span of time and is one among the trending videos on YouTube India.

Katthi Mahesh reacted in a harsh manner over the fan video. He said, ‘due to my respect on Kona Venkat, I wanted to hold myself until January 25th. But given Pawan Kalyan fans behaviour, I will surely teach them a lesson. They are not even sparing my mother, who passed away due to cancer. If Pawan Kalyan asks his fans to be quiet, everything will be sorted out immediately.’

Meanwhile, few sections of the Film Nagar and media doubt whether the individual is really doing this for his love towards Pawan Kalyan, or is someone behind this melodrama.


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