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Why is YS Jagan trying to bunk Assembly Sessions?

Why is YS Jagan trying to bunk Assembly Sessions?

One need not be surprise if the Andhra Pradesh’s state assembly winter sessions are carried out in the absence of the opposition leader, YSRCP President YS Jagan and his party MLAs.

Presiding over a recent meeting with the YSRCP leaders, YS Jagan passed a resolution that no one from the party should attend the upcoming assembly winter sessions, until and unless TDP bans four MLAs who hopped into TDP from YSRCP. These four MLAs have been adorned with ministry portfolios by CM Chandrababu Naidu. In the recent few months, as many as 20 YSRCP leaders hopped into TDP, with Chandrababu Naidu welcoming them.

With already a hostile environment between the ruling and the opposition parties prevailing, there is no way that TDP would ban those for Ministers. It looks as if Jagan would be more than happy to miss assembly sessions, given the YSRCP’s failure in the recent Nandyala election, and fearing TDP’s attack on him and his party.

It is the responsibility of the opposition party to stand on behalf of the common man in the assembly and question the ruling party over the implementation of various programs and schemes that are promised at the time of elections.It’s a pity that the opposition party is finding ways to escape assembly sessions for its own selfish reasons in today’s democracy.

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