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Why Should every business Have Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is not here to change the world for the worse but it is a smarter tool which simply represents the next stage of evolution, both for humans and the companies for which they work. And there are a few thoughts which a business leader needs to have. Many prominent business leaders have warned society about the dangers of the artificial intelligence. They said that artificial intelligence would take the jobs from human, leads to major accidents or may make significant harm to the humanity. During the industrial revolution, the machine would take place of the human labor this was said by predictors.

After the industrial revolution also still people are working in the factories. It has been 100 years for industrial revolution by now. The difference is not in their employment status, but the work which they are performing. In the 18-century factory workers were worked or spent their time turning screws, while modern workers performed more nuanced tasks. But the work did not disappear, it is still there in the factories. Artificial intelligence is present everywhere and in every business.

Now artificial intelligence tools make humans avoid repetitive, manual task for machines, making them to better utilization of their reasoning skills and human logic.

As like the machines in the industrial revolution, took at least ten years for the development of their machines, modern users of artificial intelligence are only scratching the surface of technology potential. Software company typically use artificial intelligence as a marketing potentially, yet the more they understand how this technology works, the more they will utilize its unique benefits.

Some companies use recorded phones to guide customer service calls, modern artificial intelligence makes companies to identify and solve common customer complaints without any human intervention, that makes free to the call center representatives to spend more time working on complex cases, increasing customer satisfaction while saving the companies money. But many companies cannot simply pick up the phone and ask for an artificial intelligence to fulfill their needs.

Artificial intelligence is a vast field. That can make or break a company’s investments. To solve this new market, the business leaders need to know what to do. As it is also a reason for the global transformation. In many areas, they use machine learning to optimize routes and prevent the accident. Email providers depend on artificial intelligence to spot spam and suggest one-click responses for busy professionals. Banks use artificial intelligence to prevent frauds, social media site use it to engage users this shows that where there is a business there is artificial intelligence.

Many companies implement artificial intelligence powered technology every day. The ones that who learn this technology and the capabilities of this technology offers, and why every business need this artificial intelligence technology and how they can use it will enjoy a major competitive advantage while the hesitant competitors like are in the process of thinking to use the artificial intelligence will struggle to keep the pace.

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