Pawan’s response on Jagan’s derogatory comments

Pawan's response on Jagan's derogatory comments

The Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has responded over the derogatory comments made by the opposition party chief Jagan Mohan Reddy just a while before.

Earlier, Jagan has targeted Pawan’s personal life stating that he changes wives as everyone changes cars and he also opined that its unfortunate for the people like him to even respond to his statements. The derogatory comments made by the chief of the opposition party has invited great criticism from every corner.

The comments made by Jagan has got a severe backlash from the political parties as well as the general public. Responding over the comments made by Jagan yesterday, Pawan Kalyan has released press note appealing all his fans and followers regarding this issue.

Pawan has stated that he came to politics only to do something good for the people and he doesn’t have any personal grudges or agendas on anyone regarding anything. He made it clear that he fights only in the matters related to public policies of the people and he differs from others only regarding that.

Pawan openly appealed to his fans and followers NOT TO TARGET JAGAN OR HIS FAMILY MEMBERS regarding this issue. He also made it clear NOT TO DIG ON ANYONE OF HIS FAMILY PERSONAL LIFE. Thus, he also requested everyone to stop the issue here and not to extend it further.

The leader should stand as an example for everyone. Any political party be it a TDP, YSRC, Congress, Janasena..etc should have a strict discipline regarding certain ways of addressing the issues. Any party depends on the leadership qualities of the leader. If the leaders also behave in such a derogatory way, what would be the case of their party members?

If we observe in detail, even the assembly sessions which have to be conducted for the welfare of the people has become the epicenter of foul words, sarcastic dances and derogatory comments. Is this the way the representatives of the people work for the welfare of the people in the state? This has to change. Everyone has to keep in mind that the people are watching especially the younger generation.



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