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HomelatestWill kill PM Modi – 1998 Coimbatore Blasts convict

Will kill PM Modi – 1998 Coimbatore Blasts convict

Will Kill PM Modi – 1998 Coimbatore Blasts Convict

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An audio tape, having a runtime of 8 minutes is taking the social media by storm. In the audio tape is Mohammad Rafique, the 1998 Coimbatore Blasts convict, was clearly heard saying that he will soon kill PM Modi, in a similar fashion to 1998 blasts. Going back into the history, February 14th, 1998 is considered as one of the most horrific days in the history of our nation. It is one this very day, Coimbatore serial bomb blasts took place. 58 Innocent people have lost their lives in the serial blasts. During the investigation, it was found out that Al-Ummah was behind the serial blasts.

The serial blasts were targeted at BJP senior leader LK Advani, who was touring the Dravidian state in 1998. In this case, Mohammad Rafique was arrested and was sent to jail. After spending over a decade in the jail, Mohammad Rafique was released.

Upon release, he settled in Kuniyamathur region and is leading a life as a Transport Contractor. Currently, the police are investigating the audio tape, and have taken Mohammad Rafique into custody. Tamil Nadu police sources informed that special investigation teams have been directed to pursue the case from various angles.

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