Will give them sufficient time to respond – Pawan Kalyan

Will give them sufficient time to respond – Pawan Kalyan

Will Give Them sufficient Time To Respond – Pawan Kalyan

Posted April 24, 2018, 12:51 pm at 12:51

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan tweets are going viral all over the place. Despite TV9, ABN and TV5 not telecasting any news regarding Pawan Kalyan’s tweets, the 2.81 million followers of Pawan Kalyan on Twitter are ensuring that every tweet of his reaches every nook and corner.

In his latest tweet, Pawan Kalyan confirmed that he would be sending legal notices to the above-mentioned TV News channels, and would give sufficient time for them to respond.

“We will be sending legal notices to TDP backed media channels heads and their shareholders and investors and their boards too. We will give them sufficient time to respond”, [sic] read Pawan Kalyan’s latest tweet.

While many supporters of the actor-turned-politician are welcoming the movie, and standing with him, political analysts feel that Pawan is losing his credibility by behaving childishly.

‘His tweets are more like a child’s cry. When we don’t fulfil the children’s demand, they start playing tantrums. Even Pawan Kalyan’s tweets are on the same lines’, said a political analyst. 

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