Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestWill offer security to Pawan if necessary: CBN

Will offer security to Pawan if necessary: CBN

The AP Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu today reacted to Janasenani’s life threat claims from some Politicians. Terming the issue as unfortunate, CBN pledged to save every individual in his state.

Pawan kalyan
It is a known thing that the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan claimed that three men tried to end him in the recently held Eluru Public meeting. He continued by indirectly blaming the ruling party TDP for this attempt. None other than the TDP National Chief CBN stated that Pawan Kalyan should not feel such insecurity in AP. He offered to give enough security to this actor turned Politician if needed in the worst case scenario. CBN advised Pawan Kalyan to feel secure under his ruling and trust the Police Department without any doubt. According to the AP CM, these allegations were made against the TDP by its Oppositions which try to corner the Yellow camp prior to the elections.


Political observers state that CBN has time to answer Pawan Kalyan but has no time to deal with the leaders like Chintamaneni who manhandled Government employees multiple times.

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