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HomelatestPawan Should Be Careful With The Repeated Usage Of Trifurcation

Pawan Should Be Careful With The Repeated Usage Of Trifurcation

Will Trifurcation Damages Pawan Political Carrier

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The Janasena Chief has been busy touring the district of Vijayanagaram in his Praja Porata Yatra. Despite his craze, this leader is unknowingly setting a stage for a big triple war among the people of AP. Let us discuss this issue in brief.Pawan Kalyan for no doubt is dedicating his time and energy to the people of AP and is busy addressing their problems. But he has completely changed his strategies in the Uttarandhra tour. Apart from addressing the local problems, he is concentrating on slamming TDP and its head Chandrababu Naidu.

All is well until this point but he is indirectly influencing the people of Uttarandhra by constantly reminding them about Kalinga Uttarandhra Movement where the past rulers want that particular part to get bifurcated for the injustice done by the State Government. Not stopping there, Pawan kept on repeating the term Trifurcation such that the ill-treatment of the regions like Uttrarandhra and Rayalaseema will make them stage a protest for separate States further. Whether the people in those regions are thinking in the similar lines or not, Pawan Kalyan’s speeches might influence them.

Political analysts opine that Pawan has been misleading the people and in order to make them stay united, he is scaring them with the Trifurcation.It would be better the think tank of Janasena suggests Pawan to not utter anything regarding any possible bifurcation. If this is the case of Uttarandhra, he can avoid this trifurcation issue when he tours Rayalaseema in the near future.

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