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Work work and only work… makes Charmme glow!

Work work and only work… makes Charmme glow!

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She is Chubby, yet she is endearing. She may be working behind the camera, but still has the face to face the cameras. Charmme the cute girl had once ruled the Telugu film industry. There is a particular section of the audience who just hit the movie halls only to watch Charmme on the silver screen. Some of the films attained success only due to her presence and also her marvelous acting. One such example is Jyothilakshmi.

Charmme is hardly seen on big screen these days, yet she continues to be active on social media to be constantly in touch with her fans and also encouraging young and upcoming talent by associating with Puri Connects. She is also holding the position of executive producer for Mehbooba movie and is overlooking the production department. She was constantly updating her fans about Mehbooba movie from the sets itself.Work work and only work… makes Charmme glow

Recently, she shared her picture on her Twitter account, wearing a black top with a caption:

No make up

No filters

Just a happy face 😜

#Mehbooba #PC @PuriConnects

Work work work

Makes me glow 🤗

She clearly indicates, that if one is passionate about what they are doing, they just keep glowing just the way she is glowing. She may have shifted her profession to the Production department, but many fans still feel there is a lot of acting left in her. She got the looks, it only needs one good script that can make our Charmme charm the big screens once again! Are you hearing Miss?

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