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HomelatestFinance Minister’s Medical Bill Made Headlines In AP

Finance Minister’s Medical Bill Made Headlines In AP

AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu is facing severe criticism from the Oppositions and Political followers for the mis-utilisation of Government funds. More details of this interesting piece of news as follows.Yanamala had undergone a Dental surgery in the month of April. He underwent the operation of Root Canal for one of his teeth in Singapore Dental Hospital. For this operation, it cost around 2.85 lakhs of rupees and the amount was deducted from the AP Government’s money. Ridiculously, the AP Government has also passed a GO on this and directed the hospital to carry on with the surgery as the money will be directly transferred to the hospital from the Govt’s account.

AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu

It further explained that no Finance Ministry’s approval is needed for the Ministers and their Deputies in medical cases. A huge uproar came from the Opposition parties slamming the Finance Minister for using the Public money for personal things. Netizens storm at the AP Government for diverting the funds in favor of their leaders.Political analysts question the Minister for traveling all the way to Singapore if there are high-quality hospitals in AP. Needless to say, AP is flooded with tons of super and multi-specialty hospitals. This is indeed a terrible waste of Government’s money and time. Being the Finance Minister, he used the fund of the Government which is in a dire situation with revenue deficit.

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