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There Are No Stars More – Naga Shaurya

Recently, Megastar Chiranjeevi said, “Vijay, you are a star now. I’m heartily welcome you into this star status.” Do you remember it? Chiru said it in Geetha Govindam success meet event. Though, Vijay Devarakonda has also that type of hype in youth and senior actors also praise him for his acting. In an interview, senior actor Kota Srinivasa Rao sir also commented about him and his matured acting. But, in the part of Narthanasala promotions, in an interview, Naga Shaurya commented about stardom in the film industry and the logic behind those words.

 Megastar Chiranjeevi

The anchor asked a question, does Naga Shaurya need not any market or fan following? He answered, “There are no fans to anyone, this is the fact. Basically, audiences just like the heroes so we should believe it. Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Nagrjuna, Jr.NTR, and Ramcharan; As I know, only up to Ram Charan, the fan following has stopped after Ram Charan, there are no fans to anyone. When the fans stop the worshiping, just up to that time only. The stars like Pawan Kalyan, they have a range. Now, we are appearing in front of the audience because of events and promotions. So, the audiences don’t treat us as gods.”

vijay devarakonda

“Once upon a time, fans come by buses to the Film Nagar. In my childhood, I wait for Venkatesh, in front of his house in Film Nagar. Currently, there is no that type of situation. So, how is a hero became a star when he appears every time? So, present heroes wouldn’t stars. If anyone says, don’t believe that” he said.

Though, the anchor again questioned, “What is this actually, then what about Vijay Deverakonda? He has a huge fan following.” He answered, “That is following, it should sustain. If it sustains, that’s better & good and also good for all so what else in that! So many heroes existed, in past, Tharun has a super craze, now which hero has that much of following, tell me? When we are in Vijayawada, my sisters have Tharun’s phone number, that type of craze I didn’t see for any hero. I haven’t compared, just telling, don’t believe. All are changed and there are no star heroes now. We better to know that fact.”


“If we get 10 flops, shall we continue as a hero? No. I feel great about Nithin. Nithin has gotten 16 flops but he stood strongly at that time. No one went to his films but he got success and all come again. We should strong at the time of flops. That’s why I like Nithin,” he said.


Logic is okay but can all accept it? Is it really that no hero has stardom?

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