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You Are Too Worst Now – Ram Gopal Varma #Sunil

Actor Sunil is well-known for comedy roles in the Telugu film industry. Albeit, in 2006, Sunil changed as a hero with Andala Ramaudu movie. But, he did not do movies as a hero after that film. But, in 2010, he did Maryada Ramanna movie in Rajamouli direction and settled as a complete hero. After Maryada Ramanna, he did only Khaleja and Mirapakay movie as a character artist. In 2011, he did Katha-Screenplay-Darsakathvam Appalraju movie in the direction of Ram Gopal Varma. Actually, this is a very special movie for Sunil because of his previous experience with Ram Gopal Varma.

Sunil about the incident with Ram Gopal Varma

Sunil about the incident with Ram Gopal Varma:

Recently, Sunil shared this incident with media. He said: “I heard news about RGV’s Premakatha movie auditions. So, I went for auditions and Ramu sir has just come. Nearly, 50 members came to the auditions and he called first 20 members. I was also there in the first 20 members and I went to him. He has selected the suitable artists to the different roles. But, he did not choose me at that time. In last, his assistant directors sent me into his room and they said to Ramu garu that he is a good performer. Then, he said that Okay, come on.”

He added, “After went Palakollu, assistant directors have said ‘This is guy Palakollu, he can talk Godavari accent very well.’ Then, he has called and I went to him. Ramu garu saw at me and said that he is very height and solid. He looks like a fighter, but he does not suit for hero friend role. Then, I said that I’ll come back in a few minutes. I made the haircut, put the ribbon to head and then have asked, ‘now am I’m looking comedian sir?’ He replied, ‘You are too worst now.’ I felt sad at that time but nearly after 12 years, the same Ram Gopal Varma narrated the story and said that you are the hero, I have astounded.” After that, Sunil again did in Ram Gopal Varma’s Dongala Mutha movie.

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