Youngster slit her mother’s throat for an extramarital hookup

Chandanagar: Man arrested for strangling her cousin
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Jyothi (43), a Chittur resident, married to David Raja (48) of the same village 25 years ago. They have a daughter Soundarya (24) and Prem Kumar (22). David went mad10 years ago.
Jyoti is having an extramarital affair with David’s brother Sunderraji in
this backdrop. Prem Kumar comes to know this warned his mother to stop their relationship.                                                                                                           Jyothi lied to neighbours that Prem wants to have an affair with her. Prem Kumar aware of this and started disputing on Thursday night at 11.30 after a drunk. Jyothi complained to Gudipala police.
Police went to Jyothi’s home and settled the matter.
Prem left the immediately after this and barged into the home at 2 AM on Friday. Prem becomes enraged after seeing her uncle at home and slit her throat.
His uncle, who tried to prevent the attack, also injured in the attack.
Later Prem himself surrendered before the police they have registered a case. The injured relative rushed to the Hospital in Chittoor.


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