Jagan’s Tit For Tat Moment To KCR?

YS Jagan Meet To KTR

As expected, the TRS Working President KT Rama Rao went and met YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy in his residence at Hyderabad the other day. Apart from this shocking meeting, Jagan’s moves showcased his stubborn nature and sent a feeler to KCR that he should be treated well.

There is a saying that foe’s foe is a friend and the same is applied to the Politics. Telangana CM KCR and AP Opposition leader YS Jagan have the same common enemy in the name of CBN. So they decided to join hands to defeat CBN in AP and to defame the latter’s front at National level. On this note, these two party chiefs planned to meet and the meeting did happen yesterday. Despite his presence, KCR sent his son KTR to have a word with Jagan and this irked Kadapa leader to the core. Immediately he recovered and upon knowing that KTR is coming for KCR, he sent his close aid Vijaya Sai Reddy to receive KTR when he arrived at the Lotus Pond. This is a great hammer blow to KTR who expected that Jagan himself would receive him at his residence. Even after the meeting, Jagan declared that the final things will be decided if and only if the Supreme KCR himself meets him.

Jagan not only showcased his pride but also gave a great tit for KCR’s tat. Now the Political lovers state that KCR who undermined Jagan as a junior party head unlike him would now come to senses and behave well in the upcoming meetings. And that’s Jagan for you all.


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