Jagan Avoiding Vijayawada Party Office


YS Jagan meetings in Lotus pond and Narayana Reddy function hall

YS Jagan meetings in Lotus pond and Narayana Reddy function hall: If we get a new thing then we will leave thing but in the case of Jagan. He like the old thing rather than the new thing which is reverse in Jagan case. Recently, in Vijayawada YCP opened a new party office. But Jagan didn’t attend the inauguration ceremony. Later he held the BC party meeting in the new party office in Vijayawada. Everyone thought from now Jagan will continue from that party office. But the reality is different.

Jagan thought to hold a meeting with the main leaders along with minority, BC, SC divisions before Padayatra starts. He gave much importance to this meeting because of Padayatra. But this meeting is not in the Vijayawada Party Office. This meeting is going to held in Lotus Pond in Hyderabad and some other meeting in Narayana Reddy function hall. Already the party leaders got the information about this meeting. So the leaders are thinking why Jagan is keeping this meeting in Hyderabad rather than the new party office in Vijayawada.

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