Priyanka Chopra On Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case

Priyanka Chopra on Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case

Priyanka Chopra on Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case

Posted October 24, 2017, 5:01 pm at 17:01

Priyanka Chopra on Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case: The New York Times news about the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment towards the heroines became sensational news. The cast coaching discussion raised throughout the world. By ‘#MeToo’ in all social media and spreading awareness that how much women are facing sexual harassment. So it’s common to think that it’s just because of men lust. But the Bollywood and Hollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra brought the inner meaning. Priyanka said about the mentality of men behavior in every field but not only in the film industry.

Priyanka told that ‘actually men harass women not only for sex but to show his ego. Men behave like this to suppress his ego that the women who are working under him. He takes the sexual harassment as a weapon to show authority towards women. So, to overcome this sexual harassment first women should be self-confidence towards her work’.

Priyanka Chopra thinking is appreciable as not only thinking men thought in a routine way through lust. Not any problem can be solved without thinking. So, hats off to Priyanka Chopra who thought like this.

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