Anushka Expensive Gift on Prabhas Birthday

Anushka Expensive Gift on Prabhas Birthday
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Anushka Expensive Gift on Prabhas Birthday

Anushka Expensive Birthday Gift to Prabhas: There is flash news reveales by a movie critic regarding Prabhas and Anushka relationship in recent times. He tweeted that they are in deep love and ready to get married soon. This news is been buzzing from two days and Prabhas Anushka love matter has become sensational all over the world. Prabhas fans are also happy with the news that their love story has
become true. but Prabhas ignored the news coming from the media.

Prabhas tried to say that they were nothing but a true friendship between
them. Prabhas said that Anushka is a good friend and ignored about his
wedding. But once again, they were caught suspiciously to the cameras on
his 38th birthday celebrations. Cinema celebrities wished Prabhas on the
occasion of his birthday. He also received a precious gift from Anushka
along with her greetings.

People are questioning that if there is no relationship among them, why to
gift him such an expensive gift. Anushka gifted expensive watch to Prabhas
has become sensational whereas all other friends greeted him with wishes.
They are questioning that Anushka and Prabhas are in love or is just the

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