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This man as Chandrababu in Lakshmi’s NTR

Chandrababu role in Lakshmi’s NTR

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is up with his film Lakshmi’s NTR which is NTR’s biopic. The movie is all about the circumstances and changes that took place in NTR’s life after Lakshmi Parvati being into his life. During the discussions there is also a rumour saying Chandrababu Naidu cheated on NTR and got into the power. Everyone is expecting RGV to show these instances in details through his film. Now, TDP members are scared if Chandrababu Naidu will be the villian of the film. It is to see how RGV picturized Chandrababu role in Lakshmi’s NTR.

Hence, tdp leaders started being against to the film Lakshmi’s NTR. But once they Sense about RGV using tdp leaders controversies for his movie promotions, tdp leaders stopped speaking against the film, rather gave a soft warning to RGV. Even Chandrababu Naidu has the tension over the film, thinking of the affects of the film during elections. The film would be a great loss to their party.

Furthermore, there are no proper details yet about who is going to play the roles of NTR and Lakshmi Parvati. According to the reports, Bedi Chakravarthi is to play the negative role in the film i.e. the role of Chandrababu Naidu. Bedi Chakravarthi who Is a close friend of RGV started preparing for the film. He also approached Lakshmi Parvati and took her permission to proceed on with the film. It is yet to see how successful can he play the role of Chandrababu Naidu.

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