YSRCP MPs Demand TDP MPs Resignations:

YSR Congress MP Places Resignation At YSR Feet

YSR Congress MP Places Resignation At YSR Feet

Posted April 7, 2018, 1:52 pm at 13:52

The MPs of AP’s Opposition Party, YSRCP started their hard fight for achieving Special Category Status for AP. Not stopping with their resignations to their house, they started their indefinite fast to death until the Centre grants SCS to AP.

Five of YSRCP MPs were criticised for submitting their resignations on the last day of Parliament sessions. Soon after the adjournment of Parliament, YSRCP MPs proved their commitment is not limited to namesake by starting their fasting. These 5 MPs sat for protest by not drinking and eating until death which is said to be harsh among all. Whatever might be the reason, YSRCP MPs did go a step further than TDP with this unexpected act. On the day one, their protest got disturbed by huge winds but they resumed fasting again after an hour.

On day two, Mekapati fell ill but continued his protest boldly. These 5 MPs declare that TDP MPs are behaving like cowards to criticise Modi. So they demand TDP MPs to resign their positions and start fasting along with them. In case YSRCP doesn’t get TDP’s support, it means they are indirectly supporting BJP and Modi. Not stopping there, YSRCP MPs claim that CBN cheated AP by buying some MLAs from YSRCP and Jansena for four long years and they cannot continue doing it. Meanwhile, the TDP MPs are still protesting in front of Parliament with placards for media attention but nothing else. Let us wait and see how CBN would counter YSRCPs master plan to win the trust of AP people.

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