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HomelatestAre BJP’s latest developments hinting secret bonding between YSRCP and BJP?

Are BJP’s latest developments hinting secret bonding between YSRCP and BJP?

YSRCP and BJP Secret Bonding Reveals

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Any normal political lover in the state of Andhra can tell the secret bonding between the Opposition Party of AP, YSRCP and the BJP. Recent developments in the BJP backs this bonding yet again.

BJP has been in good touch with YSRCP leaders. We can see the MPs always spotted at the PM’s office and many photos were leaked on the internet as well. However, YSRCP is hesitant to agree on this fact but all knew about this thing. Yesterday, the BJP has passed the official declaration of making Kanna Lakshminarayana as the AP BJP’s President. All knew that Kanna is an ex-member of YSRCP who maintains close relations with YS Jagan. If there is no bonding between these two parties, why would BJP leave all its loyalists and assign such powerful role to a new leader of BJP? Political analysts say that this is not just friendship but a strong strategy to counter TDP and Babu. It is also hinting at a possible alliance between these two parties in 2019 general elections to defeat TDP at any cost. Had if BJP assigns this post to any senior leaders in the AP BJP cadre, this rumour will not get strong. With this new move, it is almost confirmed that BJP and YSRCP will jointly fight against Babu and TDP. The only remaining party is Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena. His support will make a huge difference in AP Politics.

Already the YSRCP batch is making perfect deals with the BJP traveling frequently to the capital every now and then. Now the ex YSRCP Minister is AP BJP’s President only declare that these two are very keen on forming Government in Andhra Pradesh. Talk is that BJP would give any package or status in the name of YSRCP to get votes for both of them. We have to wait and see for the official declaration of BJP-YSRCPs alliance.

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