YSRCP And Janasena To Join Forces With BJP For Real?

YSRCP And Janasena To Join Forces With BJP For Real
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YSRCP And Janasena To Join Forces With BJP For Real

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Observing the ongoing developments in the AP’s Politics, it is quite evident that the parties YSRCP and Janasena are readying their weapons against TDP. A quick look at their recent actions explains everything.

No one expected Pawan would slash his relationship with TDP but now he has become an anti-TDP leader completely. On the other hand, allegations on his relations with BJP bigwigs is strengthening day by day. The other day, his party members backed YSRCP when the TDP cadre is slamming MP Vijay Sai Reddy for constantly meeting the Prime Minister. TDP questions BJP about the reason for giving appointments to Sai Reddy who is termed as accused two in corruption cases. Janasena Supreme was seen always anti to YSR and his son Jagan is now responding positively on YSRCP. Following the footsteps of their Chief, its Media Wing Shatangi the other day took time to fume on CBN and his camp alleging that they too have corruption and theft cases in the past. This recent development is not only irking the TDP leaders but also making the common people confused.

Already YSRCP is strongly speculated to join hands with BJP. Pawan was declared as pro-BJP since ages and his admiration towards Modi adds more fuel to the flame. So some people in AP are in a conclusion that both Janasena and YSRCP are acting according to the direction of BJP by going against the TDP. One has to wait until the next general election results to know who is actually fighting for the people.

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