Friday, October 7, 2022
HomelatestYSRCP-BJP Nexus Confirmed With Vizag Pregnant Case

YSRCP-BJP Nexus Confirmed With Vizag Pregnant Case

The hidden alliance among the parties YSRCP-TRS-BJP has been revealed every now and then by some issues. A recent attack on a Vizag pregnant woman once again shed light on the nexus between BJP’s support to YSRCP.

Having an unmatchable thirst to gain power, YSRCP dared to join hands with AP’s rivals TRS and BJP only to dethrone Babu from the CM Chair. They have been supporting one another out and working hard to project YSRCP as a big alternative in AP for TDP. It is a known thing that a house owner who is well known for his love towards YSRCP kicked out his tenant, a pregnant woman who is supposed to be a Janasena activist. The issue came into the limelight with the help of social media and the case now become a state level thing. Women activists and the TDP leaders forced the Police to register the case on the alleged YSRCP house owner.

Now to hide the bad remarks on YSRCP cadre, BJP stepped in and is now projecting that the leader is indeed a supporter of BJP but not YCP. Just to keep the goodwill of YSRCP, BJP leaders of Vizag have decided to take up the bad name. This is how the AP Politics have turned up for power. Hope the voters observe everything and vote accordingly.

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