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YSRCP Commiting A Terrible Mistake With Celebrities?

Day by day, the Opposition party YSRCP is bringing in the Tollywood celebrities to sling mud on the ruling party TDP. according to the Political analysts, this idea is hugely backfired among the voters and is now damaging the prospectus of YSRCP itself.

It is a known thing that most of the TFI artists are interested in batting for YSRCP and the likes of Posani Krishna Murali, Prudhvi, etc have been doing the blame game on TDP for the last one year. But the strategic committee of YSRCP made this tactic into blunder by overdoing it. If we observe carefully, first the party is making some celebrities to hold press meets against their rivals CBN and Pawan Kalyan and then these celebrities were officially joined in YSRCP. Mohan Babu did the same and so did the Chinni Krishna. Be it the idea of strategist Prashant Kishore or Jagan’s own idea, common people got vexed with this new tactics and now they are rejecting these Press meets against CBN and Pawan Kalyan. It inturn is creating a sympathy especially on Janasena which is taking the beating from both TDP and YSRCP at the same time.

Analysts opine that it is high time for Jagan to stop taking these worthless campaign tactics and concentrate on impressing voters with his agenda. One has to wait and see if these so-called YSRCP celebrities can make a diff in vote banks.

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