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ZERO VFX Breakdown: Shahrukh’s Dwarf Looks Decoded

The recent outing of King Khan SRK’s Zero failed miserably at the box office and is difficult to enter the break even. At this dire situation, the makers of Zero released the making video just to create curiosity to push the audience to the theatres.One look at this VFX making video would create interest among the viewers and they would end up clapping for the Zero’s team. In the making video, the SRK’s Production House, Red Chilli’s VFX Team sweated it out to come up with a technique which would make SRK look like a dwarf. For every scene of SRK, the team has to shoot five different shots in order to capture him as a dwarf.

This intriguing process and hard work of the Zero’s team can be quite visible in every frame of this making video. Last but not least, the team brought a dwarf who looks like SRK in Zero to match his legs in some shots to get the desired look. Overall, SRK and the entire camp of this flick didn’t get the much-needed applause from the audience due to the weak plot.Directed by Anand L Rai, this SRK’s productional is hoped to pick up after the release of this making video. Or else 200 crores worth VFX work would be drained in vain. Despite all these, Hindi critics praise SRK’s efforts for developing the VFX standards of Indian Cinema after Rajamouli and Shankar.

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