2000, 5000, 30000 For RajiniKanth, Sridevi And Kamal Hassan

RajiniKanth, Sridevi And Kamal Hassan

Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, the best Indian actors of all time. One is Superstar, one is an acting dictionary. Both have their own styles in acting and following. We know the remunerations of the star heroes how huge they are. Though currently, they are the highest paid actors, in 1970 their remuneration was 2000 and 30000 for Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan Respectively. Actually, Rajnikanth remuneration is higher than the Kamal Hassan in present days. But, in 1970, Kamal Hassan was the highest paid actor than Rajnikanth. The 1970’s Tamil movie Moondru Mudichu was the K.Balachander’s flick. In that movie, both Kamal Hassan and  Rajnikanth have acted together and moreover, Sridevi was the heroine of the film.

 higher than Rajnikanth's remuneration

An interesting thing was that Sridevi did the heroine role at the age of 13 and she made her debut with this film as heroine. And, she has taken 5000 thousand rupees as remuneration for her first movie. This was higher than Rajnikanth’s remuneration. Really, it says her reputation in those days moreover for the first movie. Actually, Kamal Hassan was the senior actor, that’s why he has taken more remuneration than Rajnikanth and Sridevi. The surprising thing in the whole story was Sridevi’s debut movie was at the age of 13.

 more remuneration than Rajnikanth and Sridevi


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