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HomelatestKannada Hero Upendra Launches His New Political Party

Kannada Hero Upendra Launches His New Political Party

Versatile Kannada Actor Upendra officially announced his second political party, Uttama Prajakeeya Party (UPP). A half year after he quit Karnataka Prajnavanta Janata Party (KPJP) which he asserted was started by him, he is making an invasion over into legislative issues with UPP on 18 September, the day of the revealing of the new party also happens to be the Uppi’s birthday.

Assembly Elections Upendra declared

His short political career till now as of now saw a discussion when he quit KPJP among claims that the party had been funded by D Mahesh Gowda who at that point reports that he was intending to expel Upendra from the party. In August a year ago, eight months previously the Assembly Elections Upendra declared his entrance into politics. After sometime the Karnataka Prajnavanta Janata Party (KPJP) was divulged.

Karnataka Prajnavanta Janata Party

Actor Upendra has propelled UPP when the polls to the Lok Sabha are only eight months away. There was hypothesis that UPP will handle its candidates. Nonetheless, he conceded, He stated that ” We already have party macro manifesto, all we need is micro manifesto. He even stated that ” we spent a lot of time to register the party and launching officially and we have not yet decide whether to content in lok sabha polls.”

Lok Sabha, This kannada hero seriously

To the extent the idea, philosophy and choice of contender for the coming polls from the panchayat level to the Lok Sabha, This kannada hero seriously struck to the manifesto that he drafted for KPJP. people driven administration with transparency. to provide best education, health and business proportions .and elected representatives to service of people most important agendas of UPP.There are speculations that UPP will handle competitors in the 2019 General Elections, and that Upendra may remain as an candidate from the Bangalore .

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