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30 Crores Loss Nithin Lie movie

30 Crores Loss Nithin Lie movie

30 Crores Loss Nithin Lie movie: By Aaaa movie Nithin collected more than 50 crores. By the movie, Nithin value is increased. That reason, 14 Reals producers with the 50 crores budget the made Lie movie. Andaala Rakshasi, Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha movies director Hanu Raghavapudi is the director for this movie. The movie has not entertained the audience. This made a heavy loss for producers. The first week only it was seen to be gone away from the theatres. If in this week also no one is watching this movie. So the producers are fearing to count the loss.

In the Nithin s career, this movie is going to be a big disaster. With 50 crores budget, the Lie movie is made. The movie theatre rights audio rights satellite rights all included collection is only 20 crores. So there’s a loss of 30 crores for the producer. The producer is with a heavy loss and we have to wait and see if he becomes normal or not. By the Mahesh, the 14 Reals producers movie Dookudu is also a heavy loss. The producers who are just recovering from that loss is not again the situation still continues.

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