Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi First Look


Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi First Look

Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi First Look: Akkineni NagaChaitanya career has been gaining a boost momentum. At the stage of the story, a selection is such different and all are surprised and interesting to the movies. Naga Chaitanya’s new film latest first look of that film Savya Sachi is being released. The director of the film Savyasachi Chandoo Mondeti and the production of this film Mythri Movie Makers. The movie audience and fans liked this film first look. In this film director, Chandu Mondeti tried to say the meaning of Savya Sachi in the first look. In this film, Naga Chaitanya looks with 2 arms in his 2 hands. The meaning of the Savya Sachi has used 2 weapons in 2 hands. In the Bharatam Arjuna equipped with a two handled arrows. Now the movie coming with that title with different story and weapon. this film can be a success.

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