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India Buy E-Commerce Business 2017

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India Buy E Commerce Business 2017

About Us

The rise of the e-commerce market in India has taken every consumer and even retail stores. A very small share of the e-commerce market can be attributed to consumers in rural parts of India. Bringing before you the best of both worlds, are our IndiaBuys physical stores. Our business model is simple and yet effective. We have partnered with Amazon, the world’s best and leading e-commerce brand.

A Very Good Business Idea For Tier2 Cities

Most of India still lives in the semi urban and rural areas. This is a massive market that most internet start-ups and other businesses are not paying enough attention.

The internet and smartphone penetration is increasing at an exponential rate. In order to tap this market as to establish the business model for micro entrepreneurs in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. India buys has launched its flagship IndiaBuys store in different towns and cities of India.

India buys Store is a one stop marketplace for the entire E-commerce world. From travel, food, to electronics and medicine, India buys store is on a mission to transform the way India shops.

What is the business model?

India buys store is home to an array of services from diverse industries. Consumers who would like to avail a product or service from various e-commerce marketplaces can come. And visit the IndiaBuys store to purchase their needs. India buys store is established in a town by an official IndiaBuys partner who has taken up. The franchise at a nominal price of INR 2 Lacs.

What are the various products and services provided in an IndiaBuys store?

India buys has strong alliances and partnerships with many global players like Amazon, Hitachi, Gati.

All the products and services provided by these partners can be availed at the IndiaBuys store.

How much is initial investment required for the stock?

ZERO. Yes, there is no requirement to keep the stock at the store. So there won’t be any inventory that needs to be purchased up front.

However, there is a franchise fee to setup an IndiaBuys store which costs INR 2 Lac

What is the expected timeline for break-even if we take up the IndiaBuys store?

There are already more than 60 Amazon stores across the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The observed average timeline for break-even is 5 – 6 months. Yes, it is a very small period since the sales volumes are high due to lack of another competitor.

Who are the ideal people who can start an IndiaBuys store?

All you need to have to start an IndiaBuys store is good grip over local language and decent internet knowledge. Any young enterprising and enthusiastic person who wants settle in his town/village can consider this as the business opportunity.

The Innovative Business Idea For Tural Areas Of India

There is humungous scope for e-business and internet businesses, especially in rural areas. Where the penetration of Internet is less than 20%.

Assisted e-commerce model does wonders in the rural domain as many people still do not have access to the internet. Creating a unified platform of various internet services like money transfer, ticket bookings, online shopping, e-bill payments, insurance etc. It would help consumers avail the maximum benefits of e-commerce like any other urban netizen.

Setting up such brick and mortar stores in rural areas is highly lucrative as the investment required is low. Considering the extensity of services, the store owner gets an enhanced opportunity to earn.

Amazon Franchise

Amazon has an association with a set of exclusive offline partners who select and train passionate and self-driven. The local entrepreneurs in small cities and towns and assist them in establishing an exclusive Amazon store in their locality.

These local entrepreneurs (store owners) run physical outlets and assist customers who are unaware of internet shopping overcome their mistrust. The store owner helps the customer choose from a wide range of products. And then places the order on the company’s site.  Amazon delivers the products to these outlets with the local entrepreneur keeping of every sale based on product sold.

However, Amazon does not own any of these stores. Amazons have few offline partners who franchise out these stores. To passionate individuals who are enthused to open these exclusive outlets in their localities. The amount of money earned depends on the number of products sold to the customers.

India buys is an official offline partner of Amazon. We at IndiaBuys are assisting inquisitive individuals to establish exclusive stores in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. At present Amazon has about a 100+ stores in various districts and towns across AP and Telangana.


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