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HomelatestEven PM Modi was made to wait!

Even PM Modi was made to wait!

Even PM Modi was made to wait!

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It was during January and February of 2014. The whole nation was chanting ‘Namo, Namo’ (Narendra Modi). The existence of Indian National Congress Party that had a history of over 100 years was threatened. The 2014 General Elections results gave a clear idea of the impact Modi had on the people of the nation.

Modi has been praised by Indians across the globe. Even the US Senators were astonished witnessing the following Modi received when he visited the US. But times do change. The mass hysteria about Modi made Rahul Gandhi look like a sore loser, with Modi and Company unscathed.

It’s been 3 ½ years after all those historic moments. As of date, Rahul Gandhi is seen on a much positive note. The INC leader gained mass attention after he termed GST as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’. His recent speeches have been more realistic and filled with facts rather than bluff as it was in the past.


Modi is facing severe criticism and retaliation from all corners. The Modi and Amit Shah duo overlooked their allies after the elections. With INC leading the battle, former allies of BJP are coming under the same umbrella to fight against Modi-Amit Shah and BJP. These days, Modi-Amit Shah is being seen as a separate entity away from BJP.

Modi who initially called for General Elections at the earliest is on a back-foot. The PM wants to wait for some more time in a hope that people’s mind towards him and BJP will change.

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