A.P Opposition’s silence on Union Budget raising many doubts:

A.P Opposition’s silence on Union Budget 

A.P Opposition’s silence on Union Budget 

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It’s been two days since the release of the Union Budget of 2018 and the people of A.P are still unable to digest it. More than the ruling party, the opposition is remaining silent only sending wrong feelers to the Telugu people.

The Chief Minister of A.P, Chandrababu Naidu expressed his disappointment already and so do his party MP’s and MLA’s. Being in alliance with the center, the TDP is at least raising its voice against the budget. But the opposition parties like YSRCP and budding party Janasena are not even caring this issue like it doesn’t even matter to them. Y.S Jagan being the Opposition leader has not addressed state’s problems regarding the Budget bill. Only a few of his party MLA’s sent some words just for the sake of their constituency people but in reality, YSRCP has quit questioning the center about this issue. This is a clear indication of Jagan’s master plan to get an alliance with BJP for the upcoming elections. He might have ordered his party leaders to remain silent such that BJP would be happy with it. This clearly shows Jagan is very much interested in Power, portfolios and designated posts rather than basic needs of the state. Despite remaining silent, Jagan is lobbying hard to meet Prime Minister Modi for personal and professional gains.

Also, the party Janasena is remaining silent. Its Chief Pawan Kalyan who claimed to be addressing problems of people is maintaining his mouth shut regarding the budget bill. Its high time for him to raise his voice against the center for the sake of Telugu people and his party. Otherwise, he will also be termed as a puppet of BJP and a seasoned politician. Hope some leader from the state of Andhra questions NDA regarding its promises to A.P and its capital or else the state will move five years back in development.

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