A Story Of Great Comedian Padmanabham


The great comedian and veteran actor Padnabaham was a top actor in the time of 1945-70. Nearly, he had acted in 400+ movies and worked with 80+ directors. Though, his full name is Basavaraju Venkata Padmanabha Rao and born on 20th August in 1931. Though his birthplace is Kadapa, he died in Chennai at the age of 78, in 2010. Of course, we know him as an actor but he was also a director and producer. And, he had directed 3 films and produced 5 films. Actually, he had lived in poverty in his last days though he had experienced star status when he was in films.


Actually, an experience was always haunting him in his young age. The story behind that was, in his childhood, Padmanabham had theft money from a blind beggar by putting a stone in beggar’s plate. Although, that incident was disturbed him every time. For his movie, “Jathakaratna Midatham Botlu” a blind person was a requirement. So, the team brought a real blind person to tell a dialogue. After shooting, Padmanabham had felt bad about that blind person and given some money. As well as, he had donated 5000 rupees to Little Flower’s “Blind and Deaf” organization to recover from that. Thus, Padmanabham sir made a mistake but he always regretted about that so he donated money for blind people. Now, what is the conclusion of this story? He made a mistake but he realized and donated. We will also realize from our mistakes.


In 1975, he had borrowed 60k from a person and given his 3 films for hostage. But, Padmanabham hadn’t paid him in time so that person sold those films rights for 2.75 lakhs. After that, that person didn’t give either film negatives or remaining money. Thus, Padmanabham faced black phase in his life. But a salute to a great actor.


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