Nara Lokesh Added A Voice With CBN To Ban 2,000 Rupee Notes

Nara Lokesh Added A Voice With CBN To Ban 2,000 Rupee Notes

Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh is following the path of his father Chandrababu Naidu regarding the banning of new currencies of India. He is now demanding the Centre to replace the 2,000 rupees with rather low valued currency in India.The TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu played a prominent role in supporting the scrapping of 1,000 and 5,00 notes by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But the same leader opposed the introduction of 2,000 rupees note as it will only increase the stocks of black money at the overseas. CBN’s idea is that the 2,000 rupees note would create more damage than the scrapped 1,000 rupees note.Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh Now his son and the Minister Nara Lokesh pledged the same. In a press meet held at the working capital of Vijayawada, he pledged to work for the ban of 2,000 note as soon as the Centre can to vanish all the black money in India and at the Overseas. He opined that it is everyone’s wish in India to see a corruption less Nation for going towards the development. This rural development Minister who is working to provide Internet to the remote places of AP urged people to use digital money than using currencies to lessen the black money accounts.

PM is going to ban 2,000 notesIt was rumored all over India that PM is going to ban 2,000 notes on any day but nothing like that happened until now. If this happens any day, then half of the black currency will be caught by the banks and the Government as many hid their earnings in the denominations of 2,000 notes which occupy more value and less place.


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