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HomelatestAadi fires back on Katthi Mahesh

Aadi fires back on Katthi Mahesh

Aadi fires back on Katthi Mahesh

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Everyone knows the controversy that started after Aadi made controversial remarks about Katthi Mahesh as a part of his script during ‘Jabardasth’ comedy show. He commented on Katthi Mahesh’s physical appearance by calling him ‘potti’ (short) and ‘batta’ (bald). Reacting to this, Katthi Mahesh has posted a video on YouTube condemning Aadi’s commenting on his physical appearance. Katthi Mahesh also expressed his annoyance and anguish over Aadi in a recent web interview.

Post this, Pawan Kalyan fans supported Aadi and made remarks against Katthi Mahesh. The episode between Aadi and Katthi Mahesh turned to be so controversial that, it became a hot topic among gossipers.

Interestingly, Mahesh Katthi and Aadi participated in a movie-preview and shared the same platform. The both have clicked a picture together too. And soon the picture was posted on Mahesh Katthi’s Facebook page.

He stated ‘See, we both are one. It is the fans who become fools at the end. I would also picture alongside Pawan Kalyan. At least, you people (fans) change now!’.

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Soon the post went viral and drew Aadi’s comments. Shockingly, Aadi reacted fiercely stating, ‘You are not a celebrity. Then why are you stating that ‘we both are one’? Stop showing off.’

He further added that ‘People become celebrities when fans ask for selfies with them. But when fans wait to beat up any person on sight, that person is not called as a celebrity’.

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