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AATAGADHARA SIVA Movie Review & Rating

Aatagadhara Siva Review, Rating & Full Analysis:

“Oh Lord Siva, You made me play your game, You made me carry your weight”, these lines have deep meaning and the movie AATAGADHARA SIVA has also inner meaning itself.

Movie plot:

Baabji (Uday Sankar) a prisoner and his hanging has decided. Jangaiah (Doddanna) is the hangman for that jail. He received orders from his officials and he started for that work. At the same time, Baabji escaped from jail and accidentally meet Jangaiah. But Jangaiah doesn’t know about Baabji in starting. After some time Jangaiah knows about Babaji by paper advertisement. While journeying, on the way they meet a loving pair (Hyper Aadi and his lover) who were eloped from their houses. In their journey, they face several unexpected situations. Although, does Jangaiah submit Baabji in the jail or not and what are that unexpected situations are the further story.


AATAGADDHARA SIVA was completely a lesson of unexpected life. Director Chandra Siddhartha has already proved himself with ‘Aa Naluguru’, ‘Andari Bandhuvaya’, ‘Madhumasam’ and ‘Idi Sangathi’ by saying the beauty of general daily life with different characters. Now he again narrates a story of people’s unexpected relations with the plain intellectual screenplay and shows his mark. The screenplay is in a suitable manner for the story but all audience may not accept that slowness. Although, the entertainment is fulfilling in the form of Hyper Aadi. First-half passes with characters’ introduction and comedy tracks. In the second half, the film goes into some serious mood and climax is definitely unexpected. The movie will bring a lot of thoughts after watching it and makes you think about some relations. Songs are perfectly suitable to the situations and music is good. Cinematography also damn good. Actors did a great job and they justify their characters.  This Kannada hit film got good reviews then and now we will see what will happen to Telugu version.

Plus points – Plot, Actor’s performance, Hyper Aadi comedy and Songs

Telugu Bullet Rating – 3/5

“Don’t expect commerciality but you get great originality.”

– Ganesh Gullipalli

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