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“Aatagallu” How Did They Play? – Telugu Bullet Rreview

Cast: Nara Rohit, Jagapati Babu, Darshana Banik, Brahmanandam, Subba Raju, Sri tej, Jeeva, Tulasi, Priya
Story, Screenplay, & Direction: Paruchuri Murali
Music: Sai Kartheek
Producers: Vasireddy Ravindra Nath, Vasireddy Sivaji Prasad, Makkena Ramu and Vadlapudi Jithendra
Banner: Friends Movie Creations
Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
DOP: Vijay C. Kumar
Dialogues: GGVK Chiranjeevi(gopi)


One of the trademark heroes of the different films in Telugu film industry is Nara Rohit. As like that, a stylish villain in Telugu industry is Jagapathi Babu. This combo creates some buzz in movie audience. Their new movie “Aatagallu” is released today. Then, how they played the game? Let’s move to know the small version…

Movie plot:


Siddharth(Nara Rohit) is a star director. Unexpectedly, he locks in his wife’s murder case. So, the court appoints a lawyer for advocating on behalf of the police department. Th lawyer is Veerendra(Jagapathi Babu) and he investigates the case for evidence. Though, he initially advocates against Siddharth. But, he comes to know the truth about the murder and he fights for Siddarth. Finally, he makes release Siddharth from the murder case. So, Siddharth presents a car to Veerendra as a gift. But, Veerendra doesn’t encourage this kind of actions so he goes to say it to Siddarth. Suddenly, when Veerendra goes to Siddharth’s house, he comes to know the fact behind the murder. What the secret behind the murder? Does Veerendra justify the case? What is the final conclusion? All are on the big screen… But before that, notice this analysis…



The main element in this film is elevating the egoistic nature of a person. This the fight between an egoistic director and a sincere lawyer. We can consider this film as Multistarrer because both Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu are in equal levels. Actually, director Paruchuri Murali tried to do a different film with an exciting screenplay but the things in the movie are not convincible. In the wake of presenting the new type of story, the director not much succeeded. Moreover, the screenplay was somewhat predictable and the main drawback of the film. And, the music was okay but the Background score is good. Though, Vijay’s cinematography is very well.


As usually, Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu have done a job with their excellent performance. Though heroine Darshana Banik hasn’t much scope in the film, gave a nice performance within the limited period. But, Brahmanadam comedy is not enough and somewhat disappointing. The remaining actors Tuslasi, Subba Raju gave the best.

Finally, the story was good but the way of telling the story was not so impressive and entertaining. You can take a ride to the theatre to test and taste the film if you are interested.

Telugu Bullet Punchline – The ‘Aatagallu’ not played well.

Telugu Bullet Rating – 2.5/5

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